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Initial Deposit:

A $1,000 refundable deposit holds a specific lot for you for a period of ten (10) days. This should allow you ample time to review our Option Manual, sales documents and Homeowner’s Association documents (if applicable) before signing the Agreement of Sale.

Lot Selection – Single Family Communities:

A representative of our company will meet on site with you to help you understand each and every lot that you may be considering. He will review with you proposed house location(s) on the lots, grading, useable rear yard area, walk-out or daylight basement possibilities, and any and all other questions or concerns you may have. It is our goal to make sure you choose the lot that best fits your lifestyle.

Option Selections & Customizing:

At time of deposit you will receive a copy of our extensive Option Manual to ensure your home will be built with all the conveniences and features you desire. In all our product lines, from townhomes through single family homes, we have pre-designed the most extensive list of major structural options available in the industry today. Our goal is for each buyer to be able to match their lifestyle and budget with one of our exciting floor plans.

Customizing Single Family Communities:

If you would like even more extensive customizing than is offered in our Option Manual (inclusive of additional structural changes, expansions, additional rooms, floor plan realignments, etc.), we welcome the opportunity to meet your every need! Please review your requests with our Sales Consultant and we will be happy to provide pricing and sketches, when necessary, for these items.

Agreement of Sale:

At the signing of the Agreement of Sale, the agreed to amount of down payment is due. The minimum standard down payment for all Single Family Home Communities is $25,000.00; Townhome Communities typically require a 5% minimum down payment. However, the Builder reserves the right to increase this minimum amount depending on the quantity and complexity of options and customizing.

Mortgage and Title Insurance:

You have fifteen (15) days after acceptance of the Agreement of Sale to apply for the mortgage. If you desire, our Sales Consultant can assist you with selecting a mortgage company.

Unless the Buyer notifies the Builder otherwise within 15 days of execution of the Agreement, the Builder will order Title Insurance on behalf of the Buyer from Penn Jersey Abstract Company. The Builder has no ownership stake in, nor does it have a controlled business relationship with Penn Jersey Abstract.

Color Selection:

All color selections are made at our Sales & Design Center. You will be contacted by either our Sales Consultant or Design Coordinator shortly after signing of your Agreement to schedule a private appointment to make all of your color selections and do a final review of our Option Manual.

Scheduling Settlement:

After drywall is installed, a tentative settlement date will be scheduled.