3 Reasons Why More Families are Moving to Lehigh Valley and Loving It

There’s a lot to love about Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Conveniently located in close proximity to downtown Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton, while being situated within the rolling hills of a farm country setting, the Lehigh Valley communities Signature Homes by J.T. Maloney are located in offer homeowners beauty, comfort, and the convenience of accessibility. Learn more about Lehigh Valley’s spectacular setting, amazing community amenities, and the convenience of its location from major Mid-Atlantic cities.

A Spectacular Setting

Why is Lehigh Valley such a great place to live?  The setting is second to none. Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania is a fast-growing region with countryside charm and one of the best markets in the country for homebuyers. In fact, Lehigh Valley ranked among the top 10 markets for homebuyers between the ages of 18 and 35 in the Q3 2019 Generational Propensity Report. Community setting is among the most important aspects to consider when determining where to build a forever home. The Lehigh Valley is the perfect location to build a dream home to live, raise a family or retire with Signature Homes by J.T. Maloney at a price that is affordable. Boasting a beautiful backdrop of pastoral farmlands and rolling country roads, our new home construction neighborhoods, as well as single lots, are anchored by Lehigh Valley’s scenic natural beauty while offering accessibility conveniences for easy work commutes and road trips to the amazing Lehigh Valley community and entertainment amenities. 

Amazing Community Access and Amenities

Signature Homes by J.T. Maloney delivers homes constructed in Lehigh Valley communities residents are proud to call home. A region steeped in history, yet well known for its nightlife, entertainment, arts, and outdoor activities, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania offers residents easy access to wonderful amenities including great schools and universities, shopping, dining, world-renowned hospitals, amusement parks, ski resorts, golf courses, historical attractions with endless fun and family-friendly entertainment options. Foster new friendships, shop local businesses in a close-knit community, and discover more reasons why Lehigh Valley is an amazing place to live, work, and play.

Lehigh Valley Location in Everything

Location is one of the biggest factors in determining a community where your family will love to live. The Lehigh Valley region, recognized as one of the fastest-growing economies in the nation is located just an hour North from major mid-Atlantic cities including Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. and 90 minutes West of New York City. The region is known as one of the fastest-growing areas in the state located right next door to big city adventure, but far enough away to enjoy peaceful country living. The Lehigh Valley offers residents the best of all worlds and is the perfect place to raise a family and an ideal place to retire. Lehigh Valley’s ideal location makes it a special place to build a dream home with Signature Homes by J.T. Maloney.

As a leader in Bucks County and Lehigh Valley’s home design and construction industry, our signature style, flexibility, hands-on care and commitment to quality and value are invested in every home we design and build. From selecting an affordable lot to pouring the foundation, hand framing the home and securing the last roof shingle, Signature Homes by J.T. Maloney is committed to every step of the home building process. Our quality construction, attention to detail and willingness to prioritize our client’s design needs throughout the entire home building process delivers care, concern, and assistance beyond the closing. We construct houses in Lehigh Valley communities families love to call home. Contact us via email or call (610) 849-3759 today to get started constructing the Lehigh Valley home of your dreams.