4 Landscape Maintenance Tips for Living Signature this Autumn

Taking action this Autumn will help prepare your home’s landscape to withstand the harsh weather conditions of winter. From tree pruning to lawn preparation and deck care, seasonal cleanups preserve the integrity of outdoor areas. Check out our top 4 landscape maintenance tips to safeguard your Signature yard.

1. Care for and Maintain Trees

Trees require Autumn care. Large tree limbs and branches positioned close to the home, or hanging over parked vehicles or outdoor decks can pose a threat for property damage. Keeping trees healthy with proper pruning by a professional arborist will create strong and structurally sound trees capable of withstanding winter weather conditions. The International Society of Arboriculture offers insight to help keep trees healthy. Freshen mulch around tree trunks to help retain water and reduce temperature extremes in soil. A thin layer will insulate the tree roots exposed to air. Watering is also recommended to refresh trees during hotter autumn days. Tree watering can continue throughout the season as long as the soil is cool, but not frozen. Autumn also offers the perfect climate to plant new trees if your landscape allows since seasonal temperatures stimulate root growth.

2. Ready the Lawn and Garden for Winter 

Autumn lawn care is essential for preparing plants and grass for changing seasons. Better Homes & Gardens offers fall lawn and garden checklists to ready your lawn, garden, flowers, and plants for winter. From mowing fallen leaves to provide more nutrient-rich soil for the lawn to prepping the perennial garden and cleaning up annuals and container gardens, these tidy-up tips will help combat frosty fall weather.

3. Build Landscape Border Features

Cleaning up the look of the landscape can impact a home’s value and functionality. Early Autumn is the perfect time period to plan for and install dedicated space for gardening and relaxation since it seasonally provides enough time to allow the soil to settle before any major temperature shifts occur. When planning new home construction, consider stunning landscape border features including fences, gates, raised flower beds, retaining walls, and walking paths to frame seating areas for seasonal relaxation.

4. Prep the Deck

Wet weather can warp wood. Inspect your deck for loose screws or floorboards and prepare it for winter weather with a fresh coat of water repellent finish to protect against water damage. Houzz offers insight on Autumn action steps to take now to maintain a wood deck. Fall provides a great time for deck enhancements including adding a retractable awning or pergola structure.

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