Look to the Future when Building a Forever Home

It’s hard to predict where life will take you. Career shifts, growing families and aging needs all play a part in our happily ever after. Consider setting down roots in your very own custom forever home with Signature Homes by J.T. Maloney. With thoughtfully planned floor layouts, new construction homes offer living conveniences to meet immediate needs with comforting home features to accommodate families now and for generations to come.

Construct for Comfort

Cost of living and room space needs change as we age. Keep comfort, convenience and savings in mind when planning construction of a new Signature Home by J.T. Maloney. Consider how floorplans and design features can positively impact life at home now and into the future. To save on future costs for living space needs, construct a home with a floor plan design that can evolve as room space needs change. Working with our design team, we can fully customize a new forever home you will love for a lifetime.

Design for the Future

Accessibility is key to living safely, independently and comfortably. Look to the future when building your very own forever home. Keep accessibility conveniences in mind when customizing open floor plans, door placement and room design features. Wide hallways and doorways work well to maneuver baby strollers or large furniture through the garage or front door, and can later accommodate guests requiring wheelchair access or older adults living at home who need walkers or walking rails for assistance with temporary mobility issues. Think about how the stairs to a basement gameroom or second-story master bedroom will work for you now and how navigating these areas will change in the future. A first floor suite or bonus room with full bathroom and laundry room access off the entryway or garage can accommodate a playroom, home office or gym now, and spare bedroom for overnight guests, privacy for adult children or a parent aging in place in the future. A first-floor master suite and bath can also make all the difference for older adults living comfortably at home. Separate living space entrances, private kitchens and detached backyard accessory dwelling units are also rising in popularity to accommodate younger adult children returning from college and senior household members alike.

Prioritize Energy Efficiency

Incorporating energy-efficient strategies into the design of a new construction home now will produce utility cost savings into the future. Low-maintenance living features save on future costs and make maintaining a home easier now and in years to come. Constructing a home with insulated exterior finishes that show less weathering offer a greater lifespan and keep home maintenance costs low. Energy-efficient windows and doors conserve energy, save on utility costs and keep indoor environments healthy.

Important factors to consider are passive solar and natural daylighting strategies along with cross ventilation. Naturally lit rooms reduce the need for daylight energy dependence on artificial lighting, while proper ventilation improves airflow and eliminates the need to constantly run heating and air conditioning systems. In fact, spaces outfitted with daylight-sensing controls can reduce the energy used for electric lighting by 20%-60%, according to studies reported by Architect Magazine. When constructing a new home, Energy.gov recommends incorporating daylighting strategies as part of your whole-house design to reduce utility and maintenance costs or passive solar home design using the sun’s rays to minimize energy use. Consider spectrally selective low-E glass windows for balanced seasonal comfort. HGTV offers energy-efficient recommendations when selecting mixed climate windows to prevent heat loss, block drafty breezes and improve the overall thermal comfort of a home.

Consider Community Location

Location is among the most important aspects to consider when determining where to build a forever home. When constructing a new home, look into the neighborhood’s proximity to great schools, medical facilities, community centers and country clubs, as well as supermarkets, shopping, sports and entertainment facilities and restaurants. A convenient work commute from a community located close to family and friends is also an important neighborhood factor to consider. The Lehigh Valley is the perfect location to build a dream home to live, raise a family or retire with Signature Homes by J.T. Maloney at a price that is affordable. Boasting a beautiful backdrop of pastoral farmlands and rolling country roads, our new home construction communities, as well as single lots, are located in close proximity to great schools and universities, world-renowned hospitals, shopping, dining, farmers markets, music festivals, amusement parks, ski resorts, outdoor recreation, golf and historical attractions.

There’s nothing like a warm and welcoming custom-built Lehigh Valley home created all your own. Signature Homes by J.T. Maloney offers buildable plans for construction customized to your design needs. From deciding the perfect lot, right down to selecting the front door, your dream is our mission. Contact us today to start planning the construction of a forever home with custom design features that work well now and into the future.