Flooring Your Signature Home

Choosing the right floor can arguably be one of the hardest decisions in the custom home design process. It’s more than a style-defining choice. Factor in cleaning, repair, durability and method of replacement. Flooring can also make or break a budget. At Signature Homes, our knowledgeable team will provide the best options based on your personal style, the functionality of your home, and your budget to help you make the right floor type decision.


Hardwood floors are a popular choice due to their warm aesthetic and overall durability. It can be repeatedly sanded and stained to help maintain or update their look. It’s also relatively easy to clean by sweeping and mopping regularly. Look for an FSC or SFI certification to find out if your hardwood has been sustainably sourced. Since hardwood can warp if exposed to prolonged moisture, it’s not the best choice for bathrooms or laundry rooms. This flooring option often has a pretty high price tag. If budget conscious, check out Engineered Hardwood flooring as an alternative⁠—a similar substrate at a slightly reduced price that can sometimes look as good as the real hardwood.



The most attractive feature of Cork flooring is that it comes from a renewable source. The bark is stripped from cork oak trees periodically without hurting the tree to create cork tiles. Cork is extremely soft underfoot, so it’s ideal for rooms where you may be standing frequently, like the kitchen. It’s also a great insulator for both sound and heat, and it can be refurnished when necessary. However, do be aware that cork flooring is very susceptible to damage. It scratches and dents quite easily. Even high heels that aren’t padded properly can cause dents. It can also warp and swell when exposed to too much humidity or direct contact with water. 




Ideal for rooms with excessive moisture, tile floors do well with frequent cleaning. It comes in a variety of styles and designs, even wood grain. Tile works well with French Provincial to Southwestern home styles and adds to the authenticity of these styles. It also comes in at a lower price point when compared to hardwood floors. Though tile flooring is extremely durable, it can be difficult to repair broken tiles, remove stains, or fix grout damage. To maintain appearance, mop with warm water weekly and apply a sealing coat to grout lines when worn to protect from stains, damage, and mold.




Laminate flooring is made from a photographic image printed on a durable surface and applied to a sturdy base. Laminate can emulate any floor type at a fraction of the cost of hardwood, but like hardwood flooring, it is not the best option for bathrooms, laundry rooms, or other rooms that run the risk of excessive moisture and standing water. The advantages of laminate flooring have spread outside the kitchen and into other areas of the home. Now, you can commonly see this type of flooring in family rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and other areas of the home. Its durability makes it ideal for high-traffic areas. Pet owners and parents with small children will also appreciate laminate flooring’s durable nature.





Vinyl floors are made from PVC plastic layered on top of felt. Similar to laminate flooring, vinyl’s PVC plastic layer is printed to look similar to other flooring options. Vinyl is great for high-moisture areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms. It’s an overall durable flooring option with resistance to tearing and scratching. The price point can be extremely affordable but may require an investment to get the best look. Check for a FloorScore certification or seal to ensure your vinyl floor is safe for your home’s indoor air quality.



Linoleum is a very durable flooring option with similar properties to vinyl but is significantly more eco-friendly. At a slightly higher price point than vinyl, it’s made with natural materials with no effects on forests and greenery. It’s bacterial properties limit the growth of microorganisms and emit no adverse health effects during installation or use. Although fairly durable, linoleum does not hold up well in moist environments, which can cause it to curl or warp. 




Many homeowners choose carpet due to its soft and warm feel underfoot, as well as its ability to quiet movement around the home. The price of carpeting is completely dependent on the type of material purchased. Examples include wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester, and polypropylene. Carpet harbors dirt and dust, requiring more frequent cleanings than hard floors to prevent staining.


Let our team at Signature Homes help you make the best flooring decision for your home. Contact us today and let us lend a helping hand in building and designing your dream home!

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