Hands Free Hygiene Focused Technology has a Future in Homes

Homes have evolved from a place to retreat, relax and rest our heads to a central location for work, play, remote learning, dining, shopping, entertainment and fitness. With an uptick of time spent at home, interest is growing in disinfectant technology to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses in indoor spaces and on frequently used surfaces. The CES 2021 Tech Show went virtual this year, debuting hands free technology for today’s digitally-driven homeowners living through a pandemic. Tech firms unveiled a variety of hot products including innovative kitchen appliances, clean tech gadgets and housekeeping home assistant robots. Check out some of the hygienic home appliance features and smart technology emerging with a focus on convenience to enhance and enrich the at-home experience.

Consumers have come to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of connected home appliances. Tech firms are improving appliance communication and simplifying everyday household tasks for homeowners. With innovations in artificial intelligence, these connected solutions provide homeowners with a hands free hygienic experience to control appliances remotely. Arirang News shares a glimpse of some of the advances in smart home technology unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Innovative Refrigerators

Appliance technology is taking hands-free convenience to a whole new level in the kitchen. Recipe-recommending refrigerators with improved ice making capabilities and hygienic water dispensers are just a few of the innovations aimed at simplifying kitchen processes with remote control through apps. Samsung’s Bespoke 4-Door Flex refrigerator offers a variety of color and finish options to customize the look of its four front panels. It comes equipped with food storage management features to keep groceries at optimal temperatures and fresher for longer, a Beverage Center™ with an Autofill Water Pitcher and hygienic dispenser and Dual Auto Ice Maker for cubed or smaller, more chewable ice bites.

See groceries inside the refrigerator without even opening the door with LG’s InstaView® Door-in-Door® refrigerator. The model features temperature-controlled freshness-enhancing systems, a UVnano™ hygienic water dispenser and LG Craft Ice™ making two-inch, slow-melting ice balls to keep drinks colder for longer. LG is also introducing refrigerator models with new InstaView voice recognition technology.

Hands Free Water Faucets

The U by Moen Smart Faucet helps homeowners complete kitchen tasks efficiently by controlling the flow and temperature of water using voice commands for precise measurements and temperature based on recipe or daily needs. Set water flow duration and temperature for specific tasks on command for anything from hydration and watering plants to preparing baby bottles and handwashing. Users can also control water flow with a simple hand movement using the wave sensor. The faucet’s operation options include voice commands, touchless sensor, handle and the Moen app which allows users to create presets to simplify faucet operation, start, stop and pause water flow and access details of daily water consumption.

Self-Disinfecting Door Handle

Increased hand washing and sanitation of frequently touched surfaces to deter the spread of germs and bacteria is now more important than ever. CleanMotion has unveiled the first self-disinfecting door handle, eliminating the need for daily door handle wipe downs. The door handle automatically disinfects itself after each use, killing bacteria and viruses with proven efficiency of 99.9%. Although positioned for use in public places, it can also be considered as a hygienic at home solution in high traffic areas since it works on most doors.

House Cleaning Home Assistants

More time spent at home means more mess to clean. It’s no surprise house cleaning home assistant devices are grabbing consumer’s attention. Samsung’s newest bots offer the convenience of a personal assistant, with home monitoring and household cleaning capabilities equipped with disinfectant technology. Object recognition technology helps vacuums identify and sanitize cleaning paths and hard-to-reach corners. Grab and go bots assist with household chores to improve our future at home, moving objects, picking up messy rooms, sorting dishes and can even pour a glass of orange juice while coordinating daily schedules and announcing important reminders. Roborock is also making waves with robotic cleaning tools that transition from floor vacuum to mop. The unit can be controlled hands-free using a smartphone app.

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