Home Interior Design Trends Emerging in 2021 to Renew Room Space

Updating room space can help us feel grounded, calm and uniquely connected to our homes. Home interior design trends emerging in 2021 incorporate understated furniture with textured stain-resistant fabrics, sustainable materials and elegant accents. Pair sensational interior design styling with modern home comforts to refresh and renew room space.

Easy-to-Clean Kitchen Cabinets, Flooring and Storage Islands

White solid or floating cabinetry and ceiling mounted row cabinets with glass doors are a timeless favorite for a crisp, inviting and versatile look. Breathe a breath of fresh air into kitchen space with white oak or flat-front semi-gloss cabinetry and kitchen island cabinets paired with stain-resistant white non-porous quartz countertops with blue or gray veining and a subway tile backsplash. White, light gray or neutral wall color works well with brass, gray or neutral windowsill and countertop decor accents and whitewashed wood-patterned laminate flooring to tie the room together.

Cleanliness has become a top priority in kitchen design. Easy-to-clean kitchen surfaces minimize clean up time and curb the spread of indoor germs. White cabinetry brightens rooms delivering the illusion of increased space, but they often require upkeep. Forbes offers insight to keep white cabinetry clean and bright. Steer clear of textured materials with crevices that can catch dust and grease. The semi-gloss look in white is easy to wipe down and camouflages fingerprints. Flat-front cabinets eliminate edges that typically collect dust. Add a dash of warmth to white cabinets with brass hardware. Select matte or brushed finishes for cabinetry hardware, motion-control, hands-free or touch-tap kitchen faucets and fixtures for easy wipe downs, rather than a polished finish that can easily show water stains and fingerprints. Non-porous materials, including quartz, flat glass and metal are less susceptible to bacteria growth and minimize the elbow grease needed for tough cleanups. The absence of crevices and burner rings on stovetops help for quick clean-ups following cooking. For backsplashes, opt for subway tile, a marble slab, tempered glass or stainless steel for an on trend easy-to-clean look. Hide switches and outlets out of sight by considering placement inside cabinets to allow for easy cleaning of backsplash areas.

When it comes to kitchen islands, built-in storage is a top priority. Houzz reports kitchen island storage solutions trending include cabinets with doors and pull-out soft close drawers. Integrated kitchen island appliances, including dishwashers, microwaves and rinsing sinks with garbage disposals are also rising in popularity. In terms of shape, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) points to L-shaped kitchens with large rectangular or square kitchen islands as the most wanted choice.

Industrial Inspired Living Space

Inject industrial character into rooms with a mix of modern wood and metal accents paired with exposed stonework, high ceilings and neutral colors. Insider.com reports industrial styling may be the next big trend emerging in 2021. Reface a fireplace surround with large-format porcelain tiles resembling concrete or natural stone, or keep it contemporary with exposed brick. Trending industrial room accents include functional wall mounted room decor pieces, small subway tiles with gray grout, stainless steel perimeter counters for work, board game or puzzling areas and cube or wall mounted piping shelves to display books, flower vases and wire storage bins. This look works well for both living areas and entertainment space. Incorporate a wine bar with stainless steel cabinets and butcher block countertops with an industrial chandelier or Edison light bulbs centered over seating areas for an intimate gathering space. Homedit recommends displaying the bulbs in clusters to form a chandelier or simply hanging pendant lights for an impressive eye-catching look.

Balancing Old and New Harmoniously

Homes & Gardens calls out a crowd-pleasing Rustic Vogue look delivering balance and a sense of calm. With a focus on reclaimed neutral colors, rattan details, hardwood floorboards and natural wood grain texture, it’s a harmonious combo of country charm with modern home interior design details. This look can work well in many areas of the home including book nooks, the home office, bedrooms, living room or dining space. Cottagecore, a look similar to Rustic Vogue, mixes vintage elegance with touches of modern statement lighting for a glamourous tone set against a muted, pastel palette. Consider layering the look with succulents, flowering bouquets and antique or repurposed retro pieces with stain-resistant fabrics to ignite an area for comfort. Upcycle everything from the coffee table to lighting fixtures for an on-trend sustainable look. The timeless trend of Shabby Chic also balances old with new harmoniously. Soft colors and decorative accessories aged with character, including chandeliers, mirrors and distressed fabrics add charm to this trending look.

Sustainable Materials and Mindful Minimalism

Sustainability is impacting the way many people are purchasing items to furnish their homes. The desire to purchase certified sustainable and environmentally friendly construction materials and furniture pieces is growing among homeowners looking for interior design solutions with low impact on individual health and the environment. A less is more approach is also impacting the look of room space as more people are practicing mindful minimalism, focusing on the desired function of room space and decluttering. Repurposed design elements and the use of green home improvement products or reclaimed building materials in room design can evoke a sense of health and wellness, home happiness and a feel good sense of pride. Rooms working best for this design approach include bedrooms, bathrooms, home office or a family den.

Houzz offers an inspirational approach incorporating organic modern elements with a neutral color palette for an open and flowing bathroom design. Trends to note are floating vanities connected by a seating bench with long drawers offering more efficient storage space than cabinets. The use of frosted glass room dividers also adds privacy to room space. This concept can work well when taking the vanity approach to a hallway corner for a quiet book nook bench with hideaway storage and a sideboard workstation. We’re also loving the concept of frosted glass privacy dividers. Applying the frosted glass concept to solid hallway doors can brighten hallway areas often masked in darkness with natural sunlight streaming in from room space.

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