Inspiring Fall 2021 Interior Design Color Trends

Color is a critical factor in a home’s aesthetic. Ditch the white walls in favor of inviting earthy, neutral, or bold shades inspired by fall and fashion color trends. Check out the latest interior colors to consider when planning new home construction to bring a warm, welcoming feel into room space.

The Nurturing Nature of Neutral

The natural shade of solid oak is not only the number one choice for flooring, it can also be used to add a rustic feel to room accents and home decor. Consider solid oak for crown or wall panel molding, window, and door casings, baseboard, door, or entryway trim. As an alternative, wood paneling can be used as a neutral design accent to lend texture to a room. Nature-inspired neutral shades create a calming space to improve mental balance and wellbeing. Enhance this connection by incorporating decor accents including green houseplants and furnishings made of natural materials, including bamboo, rattan, and seagrass.

Energize Living Space with Earth Tones

Let the changing of autumn leaves inspire the look of room space. Sage or mossy green wall color paired with brass accessories and light oak cabinetry or furnishings come to life in a room streaming natural light. Wall accent colors inspired by golden foliage, vibrant red, orange, and amber autumn leaves, and dusty brown earth tones draw on the comforts of home, evoking a sense of connection and happiness. Jewel tones and wine-colored shades also radiate an autumnal welcome. Rooms working best for this design approach include bedrooms, bathrooms, a home office, or a family den. Tie the look together by embellishing decor accents with natural materials including honeycomb, walnut, and willow.

Borrow from Bold Fall Fashion Colors and the 2022 Color of the Year

Color helps us reconnect to spaces that matter most, creating an atmosphere ideal for gathering friends and family together. The 3 biggest colors for Fall Fashion this year, as reported by L’officiel USA, include yellow, orange, and pink. Borrow from the fashion palette by making a statement with bold colors to set the tone for the mood of a room, or choose a color scheme to suit your own personal style. Green and pink are complementary colors sitting opposite one another on the traditional color wheel, and when combined, play well together on wall space. Find more colors that pair well with pink by referencing the Livingetc expert color pairing guide or learn how to pair warm earthy tones and vivid green hues with bold yellow or orange by checking out their 13 color trends for 2021 to use on ceilings and walls.

Sherwin-Williams 2022 Color of the Year, Evergreen Fog (SW 9130), is a chameleon color—sometimes green, at other times gray with just a touch of blue in shadow—subtle enough for both interiors and exteriors. It’s the perfect complement to celebrate fall colors. Sherwin-Williams provides insight, describing the color of the year as “versatile and fresh, nourishing and dependable, and it suits a mix of styles, substrates, and spaces.” The green-gray hue works well as a statement color and pairs nicely with neutral shades and metallic accents.

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