Keep your home safe this Halloween!

Halloween is an exciting time, for kids at least. Worrying about reckless people and what they might do to your house is a nightmare…literally! Eggshells or toilet paper can be a mess, being prepared for this frightening holiday is a head start. Protect your home and be prepared. Take our advice on how to protect your Signature home this Halloween.

Motion detectors: Motion detecting lights are a great investment if not already installed. They will go off when something moves close to your house, letting you know if any troublemakers are lurking around. If you already have them installed, make sure they are on and working!

Awareness of possessions: Spare keys, sports equipment, toys, and everything else left outside. Make sure to bring in possessions from the yard/driveway into your house. Leaving possessions outside during Halloween means that you’re asking someone to steal it.

Windows and Doors: Lock your windows and doors, even if home. The last thing anyone needs is a break in when it could have been prevented. Best be on the safe side and keep your house secure from the crazy people taking advantage of Halloween. Activating an alarm (if installed) helps too.

Let trick-or-treaters knock: Leaving a bowl of candy can lead to two things that you don’t want happening:

1) Someone stealing all the candy and your bowl in one take.

2) People knowing you may not be around/have an empty house.

Keep your family and possessions safe, don’t tip off troublemakers that think nobody is watching the house. Let trick-or-treaters knock on your door; it leads to a more exciting engagement and less risk.

Stick to candy: buy candy for the kids, nothing else. No trick-or-treater is jumping out of their socks when handed a bag of rice cakes. Just stick to the candy, please!

Have a safe and happy Halloween, from JT Maloney Signature Homes!

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