Top Benefits of Natural Light and Tips for Stunning Holiday Window Displays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for decorating. Stunning windows streaming with natural light wow as a decor backdrop. Create festive holiday window displays at home and learn how well placed windows benefit mood and health while providing natural light, ventilation and merry and bright visual appeal.

Design with Natural Light, View and Cross Ventilation In Mind

When it comes to window configurations, positioning and glass type are important. Architect Magazine offers window design strategies for daylight. Tall ceilings and multi-story living rooms benefit from windows placed high on walls, while windows placed at sill heights closer to floors are best for smaller rooms used for dining, home office or bedrooms. Integrate toned window glass in rooms receiving substantial direct sun and use opaque glass for rooms requiring more privacy, like bathrooms. Determine the use of the room when planning sill heights and accessibility for indoor and outdoor use when combining windows with doors. When deciding where to place windows during new home construction, This Old House offers additional tips.

Windows should not only frame a spectacular view, they should allow natural light and cross ventilation to flow effectively throughout the home. Outdoor air is an important factor in improving indoor air quality. Pennsylvania’s moderate winter temperatures are allowing us to open our windows and doors more often as weather permits and enjoy a breath of fresh naturally ventilated air. 

Window placement and cross ventilation also impact energy efficiency. Naturally well lit rooms reduce the need for daylight energy dependence on artificial lighting, while proper ventilation improves airflow and eliminates the need to constantly run heating and air conditioning systems. In fact, spaces outfitted with daylight-sensing controls can reduce the energy used for electric lighting by 20%-60%, according to studies reported by Architect Magazine. When constructing a new home, recommends incorporating daylighting strategies as part of your whole-house design to reduce utility and maintenance costs or passive solar home design using the sun’s rays to minimize energy use.

Spread Cheer with Natural Sunlight

Natural sunlight is not only attributed to substantial energy savings. Rooms illuminated with natural light are visually appealing, enhance architectural design, improve the appearance of space and generate warmth, comfort and tranquil energy. Daylight also helps spread cheer while keeping us physically and emotionally healthy. Exposure to naturally lit environments increases productivity and comfort, while providing the mental and visual stimulation necessary to regulate human circadian rhythms.

Deck the Halls in Natural Light

Take a moment to consider where natural light falls. Look to see if it will cast shadows, bounce off reflective surfaces or add an indirect glow to walls and ceilings. Boost natural light at home with glossy wood, stainless steel, varnishes and stained glass surfaces to reflect light and make rooms appear brighter while helping colors pop in home furnishings and wall decor. Check out more bright ideas for enhancing the visual appeal of rooms using natural light from Bob Vila, including:

  • Using mirrors, shiny and other reflective surfaces in home decor to reflect light. 
  • Install sheer curtain panels in light colors to allow more natural light to pass through.
  • Paint ceilings white to reflect ambient light.
  • Rearrange furnishings in room space to keep natural light sources free and unobstructed.
Stunning Window Displays Sure to Spark Holiday Joy

Our favorite holiday looks balance natural light with holiday decor accents to illuminate home interiors. Let the windows be your canvas for a festive atmosphere. Our favorite holiday looks include gorgeous statement wreaths, typically used to fa-la-la-la front doors, now used in windows to spread holiday cheer as well as poinsettia or candy decorated mini-tree window sill decor, christmas card and ornament strung garland used for framing and window hanging stars twinkling in natural light to brighten any room. We’re especially loving a new take on traditional holiday greenery, adding holiday window boxes that thrive in natural sunlight with a windowsill display of miniature evergreens, bright red winterberry and juniper clippings. See more ideas and inspiration from House Beautiful and Woman’s Day for DIY inspiration and window decorations you won’t want to take down.

Tis’ the season for naturally merry and bright custom home design and decor. Celebrate the season in a stunning home of your dreams. Contact us today to find out how you can give the ultimate holiday gift—a custom-built Signature Home by J.T. Maloney. From our family to yours we wish you a safe, healthy and happy holiday.

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