Reinventing Room Space with 2021 Pantone Color(s) of the Year

Appropriate for a year of complexity drawing toward an end, The Pantone Color Institute has revealed not one, but two hues as its Color(s) of the Year to reflect optimism and hope in a new year. The 2021 color combination of neutral Ultimate Gray and vibrant yellow Illuminating has been unveiled as a unified pair for resilience and positivity, to reset, renew, reimagine and reinvent.

CNN Style reports it’s the first time the color authority which standardizes swatches for the design industry has selected an achromatic shade (gray) and the second time two colors have been chosen. The unified pair hints at the importance of solidarity in the coming year.

Therapeutic Qualities of Color

The combination of neutral Ultimate Gray and vibrant yellow Illuminating is positively calming while capturing the spirit of our time. When applied to home decor and interior design the colors are meant to soothe and uplift. Yellow is often associated with cheer, happiness and positivity, reflecting a sense of resilience and optimism due to its correlation with the sun, while gray communicates qualities of fortitude and reliability as a practical and dependable neutral. When planning home decor and design, think about room spaces in the home where you would like to evoke these feelings.

Ultimate Gray is a timeless neutral in home interior design. Better Homes & Gardens points to Ultimate Gray as a color perfect for painted walls or upholstered furniture, used as a foundation for Illuminating. It’s an ideal combination as we look forward to brighter days ahead.

Reinventing Room Space and Illuminating Home Decor

Gray tones offer a surprising spin. They are typically used to help increase the look of size in room space. This makes Ultimate Gray the perfect shade for rooms requiring a larger look, including living rooms and bedrooms. Ultimate Gray can easily be combined with Illuminating yellow to increase the look of space while setting the tone of the room.

Set the mood for happiness in home decor by accenting Ultimate Gray furniture and wall paint with Illuminating table linens, sheets and throw pillows. Warm and welcoming Illuminating when supported by solid and dependable Ultimate Gray, adds a dash of brightness and positivity when used on accent furniture, wall decor and accessories. The combination is ideal in room areas used for a home office, den or a remote learning environment to heighten awareness and enhance intuition. Color can energize a room space and impact overall mood. With people working from home more than ever before, the home office or den could benefit from a little zen. Pantone suggests the color combination lights the way to intellectual curiosity, originality and resourcefulness of an open mind.

Ultimate Gray can also be used as the commanding color of sunrooms streaming with natural light. The sunroom offers refuge from everyday room space and with Ultimate Gray as the commanding color, accented by Illuminating, a sense of peace and tranquility can be brought into the sunroom with the pair. A bathroom spa can also benefit from this color combination as an ultimate area for relaxation. Ultimate gray floors and wall color accented by Illuminating design elements can contribute to tranquility in room space.

The kitchen is the heart of the home for many. As we are encouraged to stay home and eat-in, the joy of cooking could be losing its luster. Prevent the kitchen from becoming mundane with colorful updates to bring joy and cheer. Use Illuminating spray paint on accent furniture, a lamp base, side table, or wall frames to add a vibrant and comforting feel to kitchen space. Ultimate Gray wall color plays well with Illuminating tones in the kitchen, presenting a calming composed color scheme.

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