Relax and Unwind with Comforting Custom Home Features

As homes evolve to accommodate office work and remote learning as well as amped up exercise and entertainment space, it is now more important than ever to find a place to relax and unwind at home. Find refuge in roomspace with comforting custom home features. From cozy fireplaces and seating nooks with scenic views to soaking tubs and sunrooms streaming with natural light, it’s time to start customizing the home of your dreams with areas dedicated to comfort.

Unwind with Adjustable and Ambient Lighting

Very dark or extremely bright rooms can kill a good mood quickly. Bring good energy home by pairing natural light sources with adjustable lighting on dimmer switches for an intimate and inviting ambiance. Let the sunshine in through stunning windows and skylights streaming with natural light and blanketing roomspace with warmth. Ambient light is proven to boost mood while providing health benefits to help us look and feel good. Consider the characteristics of brightness, saturation and hue when selecting window panes, light fixtures and bulbs. As evening sunlight dims, sconces and torchiere lamps can execute a continued warming glow. NewHomeSource points to lighting as a new home construction upgrade worth investing in. Balanced with adjustable overhead and side lighting fixtures on dimmer switches, the layering of light sources is essential for comfort and relaxation.

Surrender to a Soothing Soak

A private spa-inspired master bathroom is just what we need to warm, relax and retreat. Choose bathroom upgrades to benefit self-care, ease stress and boost well-being. Step into serenity with a luxurious free-standing soaking or jetted tub and roomy walk-in steam shower with built-in recesses for bath products, sitting bench and aromatherapy shower head. Bring roomspace zen with naturally inspired decorative design accents and tiles, a double vanity and specialty lighting designed for relaxation. Pipe in soothing sounds of waterfalls and wind chimes through an integrated sound system. Radiant floors are also a great choice in bathrooms for a warm, comforting feel under bare feet.

Flooring for Comfort Under Foot

A fundamental aspect of home comfort is flooring. While thick carpeting is most effective for warming feet, hardwood flooring continues to reign supreme as the substrate of choice for shared living space due to its visual appeal, style variety and long-term return on investment. HomeAdvisor points to other top options for high traffic areas of the home, including laminate, vinyl, porcelain or ceramic tile flooring. In cooler climates, radiant floor heating systems offer a cozy, comforting feel underfoot. Ceramic or porcelain tile or natural stone are excellent thermal conductors with water-resistant properties and the best flooring options to use over radiant heat sources. If hardwood floors are a look you love, enjoy the best of both worlds with wood look tile flooring. Radiant floors are a great choice in large tall rooms and bathrooms.

Fire Up Room Warmth

Fireplaces are the focal point of living space and associated with feelings of comfort, coziness, relaxation and romance. When planning new home construction, consider fireplace placement in a central space to distribute heat to the most used areas of the home while accenting floors with area rugs. Ottawa Magazine offers room space design inspiration for a practical, cozy and inviting look. Check out HomeSelfe’s Guide to Energy Efficient Fireplaces for Cold Weather for inspiring ideas to fire up warmth in room space.

Health Focused Smart Technology and Home Security

Smart-home products and innovative solutions are becoming more significant as individuals become more comfortable with using technology at home. CES 2021 unveiled health and security focused technology among the top smart home tech trends improving comfort for consumers at home. From privacy safeguards to shield devices and touchless video doorbells to reduce the potential spread of germs and bacteria from visitor to visitor, there is a major focus on improving comfort when it comes to health and security at home.

Connect the Outdoors Inside

A connection to the outdoors from inside the home can help us feel grounded. Relax in an open room space full of sunshine, surrounded by greenery and fresh air flowing with a gentle push from an overhead ceiling fan. Sunrooms and cozy seating nooks with scenic outdoor views are a highlight in many homes. They offer an area for refuge, peace and tranquility apart from the hustle and bustle of everyday room space. Ample window space is the key to uplifting outdoor views. To improve energy efficiency while retaining indoor heat, consider spectrally selective low-E glass windows for balanced seasonal comfort. HGTV offers energy efficient recommendations when selecting mixed climate windows to prevent heat loss, block drafty breezes and improve the overall thermal comfort of a home.

Focus on comfort to personalize every detail in room design. There are countless custom home features to consider. Contact Signature Homes by J.T. Maloney today to learn how to make your dream home a reality.