Signature Tips for Setting Up Back to School and Home Office Workspace

Preparing for going back to school and setting up space for working from home looks a lot different this year. Hybrid and remote learning school days paired with work schedules shifting from the office to home has changed the look and layout of rooms traditionally used for dining, entertaining or recreation. If you haven’t already set up a shared environment for virtual learning and remote work, check out some inspiring ideas and tips for establishing an efficient workspace at home.

Designate a Workspace Area
Give careful consideration to your work from home business type and blended learning environment. Creating room space suitable for both business and student learning requires balancing family needs and day-to-day living. Quiet closed off space may be a necessity for handling virtual conference calls, while a focused learning area can allow the kids to plug in their earphones and concentrate on the teacher’s virtual learning lesson plan. From separate workspace rooms, to areas of the home dedicated to minimal noise and distractions, offers several ideas to help achieve the best business-family balance for both working and learning. 

Determine if Renovations are Required
Consider what is needed to work well in the space being used. Is airflow, lighting and interior color adequate for daily desk work? Are electrical outlets available to keep devices regularly charged? Are built-ins or bookshelves needed for access and organization? Is the area ergonomically designed to minimize stress? Renovate room space or consider an addition to accommodate a working environment with enough room for devices, desk accessories and furniture with comfort, safety and productivity in mind.

Customize Workspace Design and Decor
Since both working and learning from home has become the new normal, well-designed workspace is critical to increase focus and inspire productivity. Camouflaging equipment and technology is among the top home office design trends this year according to Elle Decor. Many designers are aiming to hide or eliminate messy cables, monitors, printers, and scanners, opting to tuck away technology essentials on open and closed shelving, in rolling desk drawers or within a window bench, freeing space for home office lounge areas. Trending as top space savers for the home office are sit-stand desks, minimalistic with a view window facing desks and built-in wall workspaces customized for work storage and organization.  Need inspiration? Check out Forbes top home office design trends for 2020 to optimize productivity. 

It is an important year for the evolution of home construction and design. Homes are not only beginning to reflect our lifestyle, they are transforming to support both work from home and learning environments. Now is the time to start planning the construction of your dream home with multipurpose rooms designed for functional workspace and comfort for everyday living. Contact us via email or call (610) 849-3759 today to begin designing and planning your very own custom built Lehigh Valley Signature Home by J.T. Maloney.

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