Ultraviolet Light and Disinfectant Technology May Have a Future in Homes

Homeowners may be offered options to incorporate ultraviolet light sources and disinfectant technology during home construction in the near future. Researchers are now examining effective ways to use ultraviolet light in indoor spaces, collaborating with manufacturers of UV products to develop safe indoor technology solutions that may be available as soon as the end of this year. Learn more about the benefits of ultraviolet light disinfectant technology.

WebMD reports the coronavirus pandemic has breathed new life into virus and bacteria zapping ultraviolet light. Hospitals have been using germicidal UV disinfectant technology for years in surgical suites to cut back on the spread of germs and bacteria. Interest is growing in disinfectant technology for use in schools, office buildings, restaurants and homes to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses in indoor spaces and on frequently used surfaces.

New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority recently announced the use of UV light on subway cars, buses, technology centers and offices. In March, MTA worked with Columbia University and an innovative UV startup to successfully demonstrate the use of UV light to clean its transit system. Since May 2020, MTA has been piloting this technology on subway, bus and railway vehicles.

Heating and air conditioning experts in Austin, Texas are already using the technology in HVAC systems. UV light is germicidal. It reduces the growth of mold, germs and viruses and keeps bacteria and allergen contaminants at bay. When paired with high minimum efficiency rating value (MERV) air filters, ultraviolet light purifies, cleans and improves indoor air quality. Ultraviolet lights also protect HVAC equipment from developing mold and bacteria, extending the life of the HVAC system. No matter what kind of HVAC unit(s) you have, your equipment should be inspected, cleaned, and serviced at least once a year. Schedule to have the heating system checked in the fall and the air conditioning system checked in the spring.

Improper insulation and poor sources of natural light are noted as top concerns among homeowners. Building a custom home can provide health benefits. Invest in a customized Signature Home that promotes good health, bathed in natural light, ventilated throughout and free of constant repairs. 

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