Building A Forever Home

Finding your dream house on the market can be tough. By the time you narrow down all of your options, you still may not be satisfied with what you see. That is where forever homes come in. Working with our design team, we can fully customize the new forever home that you will love for a lifetime.

When planning for a forever home, consider designing your house not just for the present day, but for you and your family in the future. Once you start a family, and then your children grow up and start a family, you are going to need to be prepared. But don’t worry, we have some tips & tricks to help you decide:

Accessibility for the Future:

Everyone ages. That’s just the way of life. If you are going for a forever home, thinking about your future can save time and efforts later in life.

  • Make your home spacious: Lots of open area without walls and doorways is a smart floor plan for growing old in your dream home. Being able to have flexible mobility in your home can come in handy if you or a loved one ever end up in a wheelchair or walker. This open floor design also can be helpful for moving large objects around the home, so this can benefit you in the short and long run.
  • Planning for life after children: If you and your loved one are planning on having children, or plenty of guests, plan on having extra rooms and amenities for them. Your children will need places to sleep for a long time, your guests might need to crash the night of Thanksgiving, or for any other situation, extra rooms are an essential part of a forever home. Also, you want to be able to entertain your children, family, and guests. Designing your home for future events can even come in handy and is less worrying to do in the future.
  • First floor master bedroom: Although it may seem like your ultimate master bedroom should ideally be on the top floor of your new dream home, consider adjusting. First-floor master bedrooms are gaining a lot of popularity because of the benefits as you get older. Nobody wants to climb stairs when they get to become a senior continuously, so why not plan accordingly in your forever home. The master bedroom on the first floor gives you easy access and less stair climbing.
  • Stair assistance: It is completely fine to be fully set on having your luxurious master bedroom, spa bathroom, or any other prized amenity up some stairs. Our advice: keep in mind stair assistance. An elevator can solve all of those problems immediately but can be pricey. Though this does not have to be added right away, stair lifts are a great help for seniors getting up the stairs to their desired destination.
  • Extra assistance: Wheelchair ramps, pool lifts, bathroom handles, and more can all be considered later in life, but are all good ideas to keep in mind for your forever home.
  • Location: The location of your forever home can be one of the most important decisions of your life. The place you live at most of your life, the places you go out for eating and entertainment, the place you work at, possibly even the place your children go to school and find friends at, and much more. These decisions will help you pick the perfect destination for the signature forever home of your dreams.

Long-term decisions for your forever home are just as important as short ones are. The more you can get done from the start; the easier your life will be as you get older. Consider this advice for your forever home; it might just save you more time and money later on!

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