Built-In Solutions for Signature Home Organization

JT Maloney Signature Homes offers incredible custom built storage solutions during home construction. From under the stair closets to pull out kitchen appliance drawers, custom shelving and storage seating, these built-in solutions will help keep your home organized. Check out these inspiring ideas to combat clutter. 

Store Behind Closed Doors
When planning new home construction, substitute shelving with hidden storage solutions. Conceal the clutter behind closed doors. Repurpose space under stairs based on your needs, whether it be for pantry items, linens, craft supplies or bulky items, such as sports equipment, suitcases or storage containers. Add pullout racks or drawers to make items much easier to access. Check out the Extra Space storage website for more built-in space saving solutions for under stairs storage. When planning bathroom space, consider how you might make use of empty space areas surrounding the bathtub or vanity. Family Handyman offers unique ideas often overlooked during bathroom design. Prioritize and organize what’s really needed, tuck away everyday items in rollaway hidden cabinets, below vanity countertops with stacking racks or in drawers with organization inserts. 

Clear Countertops
Kitchen countertops are often more cluttered because they serve as a central landing space. When designing your kitchen during home construction, think about managing meal preparation and what items commonly stack up. Consider deep pull-out drawer space for storing appliances like the toaster, stand mixer, juicer or tea kettle. Custom built shelves under cabinets can also prove useful for plugging in and tucking away laptops, tablets or phones. Instead of allowing papers to pile up, add a wall-mounted vertical file below the breakfast bar or mounted to the inside of a kitchen island cabinet for easy access to mail, paperwork and magazines.

Hide the Wires
Clamp, coil up and control the flow of cables and cords behind entertainment centers. Cable zippers and tubes are helpful, as well as adhesive cable collectors and wireways. Decortips.com offers plenty of ideas for hiding electrical cords in high traffic areas of the home. From tunneling wires into built in baseboards to hiding power strips behind decorative panels or below countertop boxes, these easy to incorporate solutions conceal the cords. Another cool tip is having smart outlets that include USB plugs along with electrical.

Add Storage Seating
Built-in storage benches, or banquettes, are an excellent double-duty space saving furniture solution. Whether added to increase dining space or created to serve as a cozy nook, banquettes with pull-out drawers or seat lids maximize storage space. Store family favorites for game night within the trunk of the bench. Integrate pull out drawers to access dishware and extra cutlery for guests. Channel your inner organizer by emptying bedroom closets and storing what is out of season in the bedroom storage bench. Go beyond practical by incorporating built-in cubbies for books, or adding a hidden niche to make technology handy.  Check out Decoist for more inspiration on space saving banquette underseat storage solutions.

Allow items to be out of sight, while accessible, sorted and stored properly. Experience home happiness with custom-built JT Maloney Signature Homes storage solutions. Contact us via email or call (610) 849-3759 today to begin designing and planning your very own custom built Lehigh Valley Signature Home by JT Maloney.

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