E.J. and Jennifer R.

Dear Tom and family,

Thank you very much for building a wonderful home. The end result and the entire process far exceeded our expectations. We have built a custom home in the past, and I have been responsible at work for several commercial construction projects. This experience by far surpasses all the others. From the beginning, we appreciated your diligence and planning to make sure everything was going to be as perfect as possible. With our first house build (different builder), I had to make sure that I was at the site at least every other day to make sure problems were not covered up. With our new home, it was a pleasure to see the exciting and quick progress without the stress. The construction materials are above the level of those in homes even twice the price of ours. 40 years from now, should the roof shingles wear out it’s comforting to know that I have the best plywood on our roof. It’s difficult to even purchase straight lumber, but you use the best quality. Every wall is straight. In our last home, we had to have two walls rebuilt because of low quality lumber. Even the crews that you use have to meet your high integrity standards. It felt like I had great people building a home that they could be proud of. There were a couple times that I saw something that I wanted done differently. However, before I could say anything the matters were resolved. We felt like you were building a house that you would be happy to live in. There was a great selection of finishes to choose from without choices becoming overwhelming. We also had the opportunity to upgrade and customize while the pricing stayed very fair. We felt the relationship and us enjoying the end product was more important than money. Picking a builder is a big deal because it is for a home that is fitting your dreams. Please use this letter and consider us a reference for anyone that could use reassurance that Signature Homes by J.T. Maloney is the best for the job.


E.J. and Jennifer R.

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