Tips for Building an Accessible Signature Home

A home should be the one place in the world you are most comfortable. For individuals with special needs, their homes can sometimes continue to pose challenges. This includes seniors who may be challenged with living at home after a stroke, struggling with arthritis, or recovering from surgery or a fall. The good news is that living spaces can be designed to make life easier. At J.T. Maloney Signature Homes we can create a custom fit for all of your accessibility needs.


Improving mobility goes much farther than just installing ramps and stability bars. Starting from the ground up, flooring can make all the difference. Some tile, laminate and hardwood floors can be too slick, rugs and mats can cause tripping, and thick carpeting can pose challenges. According to 101 Mobility, accessibility can be improved by installing smooth, even carpeting. This provides an easy surface for those in wheelchairs and those using canes and walkers.


When designing a Signature Home for people with mobility limitations, consider an ADA accessible kitchen, with functional open space design, and countertops, sinks, and cabinets positioned at a comfortable height to accommodate wheelchair access. We maximize space, eliminate tight spaces and adjust countertop heights so kitchens are easy to navigate.


Bathrooms can also provide hazards, particularly when it comes to accessing a bathtub or shower. Incorporating a walk-in shower into the design of a first-floor bathroom can ease accessibility and solve space constraint issues. For flooring, consider safe non-slip bathroom options that feature certification from the ADA.


When designing the layout of an accessible Signature Home, consider entryways. Each room should offer easy entry and exit points and provide space for wheelchair turnarounds. Doorways at the front and back of the home should be about 32 inches wide in order to accommodate a wheelchair. Entry ramps make coming and going a breeze as do extra large garages with ramp access to the home.


At J.T. Maloney Signature Homes we understand the importance of accessibility and the need for comfortable living space. We’re here to help make your custom house an accessible home. Whether you’re accommodating a child with disabilities, or you’re wanting to age gracefully and easily in your home, having a first-floor master suite and bath can make all the difference in the world. Contact us today to make your dream home a reality.

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